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Heritage Night Update

Heritage Night continues with new August and September dates now scheduled!  HN takes place every Sunday @ 12:00 KI time with the new dates starting August 12th and running through September 2nd, hopefully with more to be announced afterward.  Also, the team would like to start having HN on the weekdays.  If you are interested in planning a weekday Heritage Night, follow the link here or contact DimensionTravelerCalum at KI # 203751.

The updated HN schedule is as follows: 

  • August 12 - A New Light Night {???}
  • August 19 - Familiar Voices Night {LAHI}
  • August 26 - A Deception Night {LAHI}
  • September 2 - An Exodus Night {???}
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Heritage Night's Hood
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Se repite cada semana cada Domingo hasta Lun Sep 03 2012 .
Agosto 12, 2012 - 12:00
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CAVECON July 22 thru 28th

CAVECON:  CAVCON Awareness Party, July 22-28th

Explorers are raising awareness of the CAVCON meter (MOULa's financial health) this week.  A number of events have been scheduled already and the organizers are looking for more.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in any of these events, join in the discussion on the Myst Online forums!

Here are a few details shared with us by submitter Michelle Marquise:

We will have a 24/7 CAVECON  starting on July 22 thru 28th. We very much would love for everyone to participate. This event will be for all countries. Events can overlap so everyone can participate! Listed below is access to my calendar. Events will be posted there. It is blank right now and should fill up quickly. So please email me the name of your event, time, time zone and location in Uru, SL or OS Grid.

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MO:ULa 1.912 Released

Thanks to the hard work of Christian Walther, rarified and a host of other dedicated individuals, a new set of fixes and additions has been brought to MO:ULa today in the latest build: MO:ULa 1.912! Some new features include copy/paste functionality for the KI, more flexible screen resolution code, KI Time has finally been adjusted to the new standard...and a bucketload of various other fixes!

Here's a full list (as detailed on the Wiki): Read more

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Rand Miller Q & A - ADBMM

Hello one and all!  Doobes here, fresh out of the cavern and Kirel, and if you haven't been following the weeklong celebration that is ADBMM, you missed one of the signature in-cavern question and answer session with Cyan Worlds, Inc. CEO and Myst co-creator Rand Miller!  Just like our usual AGMs held in that particular hood, I bring a raw and cleansed chatlog for those who forgot/couldn't attend/were eaten by the lag.

Rand answered quite a few pre-submitted questions from explorers in the time he had.  Some interesting points: Read more

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Cyan Worlds Announces Updates to MOULa

Chogon has announced on the MystOnline:UruLive Forums that Cyan is ready to push the updates provided by fans to the official MystOnline Server!

The update will take place during the next Server Outage for maintainance, which is scheduled for next monday, February 13th. It will take a bit more than usual because of the update.

Cyan Worlds also has thanked all the people that helped with the Minkata test Shard because their work kept the costs of updating MOULa extremely low, so they were able to update even if currently the CAVCON meter is at Level 3 (but the meter hasn't been updated to see the effects of the Anniversary Celebration yet).

An interesting detail to note is that today it's February 8th, exactly 2 years after the launch of MystOnline: Uru Live again, entering the third year, and Cyan Worlds announces the update. February is definitely a very special month in Uru's history.

This is the complete list of updates that will be put on MOULa: Read more

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